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The Death of Big Soda...

Surprising Megatrend Disrupts Beverage Market

Damaged water systems... unsafe tap water... and the desire for healthier beverages has led to soaring sales of bottled water — especially water that’s been “enhanced” to make it better for you

5 Surprising Reasons a Reinvented Beverage Has Taken Coke and Pepsi By Storm...and How The Company Behind it Could Hand You 1,000% Profits 

This little-known company – whose product is already "flying off the shelf" in more than 40,000 retail locations from coast to coast – could help you make 11 times your money.   


  Watch this brief video for the full story now – or read on to discover the five surprising reasons why The Death of Big Soda could help you turn $2,500 into $27,500 – or more!

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Bottled Water Boom: 5 Surprising Reasons You Could Pocket 1,000% Gains – or More – Thanks to this Disruptive Megatrend

Reason #1: Bottled Water Boom Triggers Fast-Moving Profit Scenario

     “Enhanced waters” – including water that delivers vitamins, minerals, nutrients, or flavorings – are flying off the shelves.

     One company – Arizona-based The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQ: WTER] – is set to pounce on this potentially fast-moving opportunity...

     And it could help you turn a modest $2,500 investment into $27,500 – or more. Here's why:

Reason #1:   Bottle Water Boom Triggers Fast-Moving Profit Scenario

     The $18.5 billion-a-year bottled water industry is in the midst of an unprecedented explosion in growth.

     In the three years after its appearance in the U.S., sales of bottled water skyrocketed 3,000% -- and have continued growing ever since.

     In fact, 2017 marked the first year that Americans drank more bottled water than every other soda combined.

"Bottled Water Sales Outpace Soda for First Time in U.S."

     This soaring demand is driven by the desire for healthier beverages to replace sugary soda — as well as fears of damaged water systems and unsafe tap water.


Carbonated beverage sales are falling off a cliff.  

    Diet brands have been hit hardest as consumers now recognize that “diet” does not mean healthy.

     Healthy is what consumers want now...and the emerging trend proves that they’re making healthy choices and shifting to bottled water.

     The overall market for bottled water is growing at 8.8% per year...but the enhanced water segment is growing even faster, outpacing regular bottled water by 3-to-1.

     This continued growth in the bottled water market is great news for my latest recommendation – The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQ: WTER].

     This is a company on the forefront of a huge megatrend...and positioned perfectly to take advantage of the soaring demand for enhanced, healthier beverages.

Reason #2: Explosive Growth... and a Rising Brand That Appears Significantly Undervalued

Reason #2: Explosive Growth... and a Rising Brand That Appears Significantly Undervalued

     The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQWTER], one of the few publicly traded companies in the enhanced bottled water space, sells a premium water called Alkaline88.

     Alkaline 88® is so named because it has a pH of 8.8. The product has garnered a loyal customer base due to reputed health benefits and a superior taste.

      Over the last four years, sales have skyrocketed more than 435%! 

      That would be a major achievement for any company, but it’s almost unheard of in a highly competitive product category with almost 200 different brands.

     Go to your local grocery store and there’s a very good chance you’ll see Alkaline 88® prominently displayed on the shelves. The product is already in more than 40,000 retail locations from coast to coast.

      You’ll find Alkaline 88® in national retailers across the country, including Safeway/Albertsons, Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and other top regional and local supermarket chains. In fact, Alkaline 88® is currently sold in nine of the top 10 grocery chains.

     Most remarkably, the company has achieved its rapid growth without spending any money on traditional advertising, instead relying solely on word of mouth.

     The remarkable growth demonstrated by The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQWTER] comes at a perfect time because...

Reason #3: We're in the Midst of a Bottled Water "Buyout Bonanza"

Reason #3: We're in the Midst of a Bottled Water "Buyout Bonanza"

      Soda sales have been steadily declining for 13 years.

     According to an article in Fortune, since 2004, “carbonated soft drinks have shed 1.6 billion cases in volume.”  

Soda sales have declined steadily for more than a decade.

     In order to keep growing, big soda companies such as Coke and Pepsi have been snapping up bottled water companies left and right – and in particular, enhanced water companies. 

     “Big soda” has often paid what some might consider outlandish premiums to secure a foothold in the enhanced water business.

For example...

     Dr. Pepper Snapple Group bought Bai Brands for $1.7 billion, paying about 7.4 times revenue.

     Keurig Dr. Pepper [NYSE: KDP] followed up by spending $525 million to acquire the privately owned company that markets CORE hydration water.

     In August 2018, Coca Cola acquired a minority stake in BodyArmor, handing Kobe Bryant a 3,200% return. The transaction valued Bryant’s 10% stake in that company (for which he paid $6 million) at a staggering $200 million.

     And, of course, Coca Cola famously paid $4.2 billion – or 11.7 times revenue – to acquire Vitaminwater.

    Industry insiders speculate Coke paid top dollar because the transaction included trademark possession of the word “vitamin.”

    Such an extraordinary value being placed on a brand name could be vitally important to The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQWTER] and its flagship brand, Alkaline88.

    The Alkaline Water Company appears to be a prime candidate for acquisition by one of the big beverage companies because it has:

  • one of the fastest growing brands in the fastest growing beverage category
  • an invaluable trademark that makes it more difficult for other brands to compete
  • state-of-the-art technology that creates alkaline water without the use of chemicals
  • an efficient operating structure that results in industry leading sales per employee
  • a distribution network that minimizes both capital needs and transportation costs

    After all, any company that can sell a projected $40 million of product in an extremely competitive market without spending a dime on traditional advertising has got to be regarded as a prime acquisition target.

    With buyout transactions ranging from 7.4 to 11.7 times revenue from previous takeovers, early investors in The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQWTERcould expect gains of 1,000% – or higher – from a potential acquisition.

    And the chances of an acquisition could increase significantly as The Alkaline Water Company introduces new products – a development that is already underway...

Reason #4: Infused Beverage Megatrend: WTER Could BE the Next Company to See an Explosive 24-Hour Profit Spike  

Reason #4: Infused Beverage Megatrend: WTER Could BE the Next Company to See an Explosive 24-Hour Profit Spike

     The company recently announced the launch of its new A88 Infused Beverage Division, which will bring new products to market soon, including…

•              CBD infused Alkaline88 water

•              Vitamin infused CBD Alkaline88 water

•              Vitamin based “Energy” Alkaline88 water

•              Sparkling CBD Alkaline88 water

•              Naturally flavored Alkaline88 water

     These new all-natural and plant-derived products were chosen to take advantage of growing consumer demand for infused beverages. And I expect them to have strong appeal to health-conscious consumers.

     And The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQ: WTER] is introducing these products at precisely the right time, as this trend is receiving a great deal of attention from individual investors as well as “Big Soda."

     For example, just recently — in September 2018 — shares of New Age Beverages Corp. (NBEV) soared 45% in a matter of hours, just after the company announced that it had tested a hot new infused beverage.

       In other words, the company’s market cap soared from $79.9 million to $94.4 million... in a single day!

     And within one month, the company’s shares had soared from $1.70 to $8.47 — a gain of 398.24%.

     No wonder Coca-Cola is now looking at introducing its own line of infused wellness drinks.

     This launch of The Alkaline Water Company’s [NASDAQ: WTER] new A88 Infused Beverage Division could give the company’s stock even greater upside potential as investors have shown great interest in new infused beverages

Reason #5: The Takeaway: I’ve Issued a “Strong Buy” to My Subscribers on Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQ: WTER] 

Reason #5: The Takeaway: I’ve Issued a “Strong Buy” to My Subscribers on Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQ: WTER] 

     After conducting my research – and personally visiting with the company’s management – I’m convinced that The Alkaline Water Company [NASDAQWTER] offers investors the single best way to play the “bottled water boom” for maximum profits.

     I’ve issued a “Strong Buy” alert to my subscribers, as I feel this potentially fast-moving scenario could help turn every $2,500 invested into $27,500– or more.

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